Mixer drum before UHP cleaning

Mixer drum after UHP cleaning

Concrete form cleaning

UHP Paint stripping

Retexturing concrete using UHP

damaged plaster can be removed and the joints exposed to provide a solid bearing subsurface

before and after surface retexturing using UHP

mortar and plaster residues can be removed quickly and effectively

cleaning of moulds

What we do

UHP water jetting is an excellent way to achieve exceptional surface preparation results and by utilising ultra high pressure water jet technology surfaces are left with a high quality smooth finish which conventional cleaning methods such as sandblasting, wet blasting and shot blasting cannot produce.

Scarification or scarifying - perhaps more commonly known as concrete roughening, concrete scabbling or surface retexturing can be effectively carried out using ultra high pressure up to 2500 bar and a multitude of rotating nozzles. We can use between 1 and 6 jets to find solutions for any concrete roughening task. Road surface retexturing on all surfaces including tarmac and asphalt can also be accomplished using this system. This leaves the surface with an antiskid finish and saves valuable time and money with not having to re-lay the road surface.

Clean Break uses ultra high pressure to clean all types of machinery and mixer equipment including concrete and cement mixers, tarmac layers and pavers, rubber/resin mixers and paint mixer tanks. Other methods like burning and grinding can damage the surface and equipment being cleaned and are slow and dangerous to both the operator and the environment. We differ to other more traditional methods by just using water to do our work. This leave the surfaces being cleaned with no damage and has little or no impact on the surrounding areas. Most equipment and mixers are put back to nearly new condition.

The removal of coatings, paints, mill scale, contaminants and rust using ultra high pressure is rapidly growing in popularity as a surface preparation technique in favour of more traditional abrasive blast cleaning methods. This is mainly due to the fact that all coatings can be removed using water alone without the need for any chemicals or abrasives leaving a mess free, spark free environment. By doing this it means our equipment can work in places where this is essential such as oil, gas and petrochemical plants, refineries, power stations, chemical plants, on gas tanks, fuel/diesel tanks and other places where traditional sand blasting units canít work due to the risk of sparks.

Paint stripping can be carried out on all types of surface, the most common surfaces where is UHP is utilised are metal and concrete. Using an array of professional rotating nozzles with all types of jet configurations we can find the quickest solution for your work.

We can also remove several layers of foul paint from all types of boats, ships, narrow boats and marine vessel taking their surface back to new steel ready for recoating. Recoating can be applied almost immediately. This again can be done just by using water alone so no mess from grits or abrasives to clean up. Work can be carried out with open handheld lance or if required a self contained unit which stops all over spray and has the option of vacuum recovery to collect all waste water and debris.